So I’m sitting on Brandons bed as he cleans his room………. And he smacked his shoes on the ground….. And I blow the fuck up. Start shouting “WHY DID YOU KILL MY SILVER FISH I FOUND HIM AND I WAS LETTING HIM LIVE YOU BADTARD” and he’s just standing there… So confused.. He was just getting the sand off his shoes and didn’t bother my little bug friend ;-;

WELP. my jeep is no more. Lost my gas, then heard a loud bang, and a bunch of black smoke came out from the back. So it’s on the side of the road currently. Dunno what I’m gonna do about transportation. Hopefully Brandon was right about how he said my dad told him that he was planning to get me a new vehicle soon, but was waitimg becuase the jeep was holding up a lot longer then he thought it ever would…? God I hope so, I can’t handle this shit ;-;